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Kimmy Schmidt is the main character and protagonist on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is portrayed by starring cast member Ellie Kemper.

She is one of 4 of the mole women, kidnapped and kept underground in a religious cult for 15 years. She is fun-loving and curious albeit clueless about pop culture and modern society. Through her own spunk and determination she quickly learns how to survive in modern day New York.


Kimmy grew up in Durnsville, Indiana. When she was in the 8th grade, she ran away from home because of a mini skirt argument with her mother, and then she was abducted by Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne who abducted 3 other girls and kept them captive in an underground bunker. He told them all that there was a nuclear apocalypse and that they were the only ones left alive. Kimmy stayed positive during this experience and never truly believed that everyone else was dead. She kept going by thinking "I only have to do this for 10 more seconds" and when that time was up, she would count another 10 seconds.

Season 1Edit

Kimmy Goes Outside!  In the first episode, Kimmy and the rest of the girls are rescued from the bunker after 15 years. They become famous for a short while and are named "The Mole Women." Kimmy is 29 in this episode and decides to live in New York City to make a new life. She moves in with Titus, an aspiring actor, and gets a job as a nanny for Jacqueline Voorhees (although she loses it by the end of the episode). Lilian, as well supported her moving.

Kimmy Gets a Job!Edit

Kimmy asks Jacqueline if she can have a second chance at being the nanny. Jacqueline says she will reconsider if Kimmy can throw a birthday party for her son before her husband gets back from his business trip. Kimmy is successful at this, but Mr. Voorhees doesn't show up and is stuck in England for business.

With the help of Titus, Kimmy tries to fix the problems in the house by comforting the son and grounding the rebellious step-daughter. Finally, she talks to Jacqueline about her husband and tells her a tip on how to handle him being away.


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