Portrayed by Jane Krakowski

First Appearance = Kimmy Goes Outside! Last Appearance = Kimmy Bites an Onion! |

Aliases = * Jackie Lynn White (birth name)

  • Jacqueline Voorhees (former)|

Hometown = South Dakota| Ethnicity = Native American| Occupation = Unemployed| Orientation = Heterosexual| Status = Married Current =Russ Snyder Past = Julian Voorhees (ex-husband)| Age = Late 40's - Early 50's

Jacqueline White is a main character on the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is portrayed by Jane Krakowski.


Jaqueline's parents
Jaqueline as a teenager

Jacqueline grew up in Bear Creek, South Dakota and is of Native American heritage. Born with the name Jackie-Lynn, as a teenager she rejected her heritage, dyeing her hair blonde, wearing blue contact lenses and changing her name to Jacqueline before deciding to move away to New York City.

Her parents, Virgil and Fern, were very upset by this and tried to persuade her to come home but she wouldn't. She became a airline stewardess and met Julian Voorhees whom she later married. She had one son with him, Buckley, and he had a daughter from a previous marriage, Xanthippe. Kimmy convinces Jaqueline to get a divorce after they learn that Julian has been cheating on Jacqueline with their couple's therapist.

Season 1Edit

Kimmy Goes Outside!Edit

In the pilot episode, Kimmy sees Jacqueline's son Buckley shoplifting so she takes him home. Jacqueline asks her to become their nanny which Kimmy agrees to. However, Kimmy is late for work the next morning so Jacqueline fires her.

Kimmy Gets a Job!Edit

Kimmy asks Jacqueline for a second chance. Jacqueline agrees under one condition: throw a fantastic birthday party for Buckley before her husband Julian returns from his business trip. Kimmy succeeds at this task but Julian is delayed and decides not to return home. This upsets Jacqueline immensely and she reveals to Kimmy that she believes her marriage is failing. Kimmy comforts her and gives her advice on how to get through it.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

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